Private Policy

Private Policy

Privacy Statement FINE ART focus on protecting your personal privacy protection. Sometimes we need information to provide you with services that you request, the privacy statement explains data collection under these conditions and usage. This privacy statement applies FINE ART site all related services. Collect your personal information When we need information that identifies you (personal information) or allows information to contact you, we will ask for your consent. Normally, when you register a user or other online services, we will ask you to provide this information. FINE ART information collected is usually limited to your name, gender, age, date of birth, identity card number, home address, education level, company profile, industry, interests and favorites. UP Control of Your Personal Information FINE ART with legal requirements or comply with the relevant terms of service FINE ART websites, software license agreement in the case disclose your personal information, or have sufficient reason to believe that this is necessary to:   
  1. Meet the edicts of the law or comply with FINE ART proceedings or the site;   
  2. Comply with the relevant terms of service FINE ART websites, software license agreement, the parties;  
  3. Protection FINE ART its family of Web sites the rights or property, as well as in urgent circumstances to protect FINE ART employees, FINE ART products or services the personal safety of users or the public.
  4. FINE ART does not allow them to share information with third parties, have been listed in this statement except in the case.
UP The security of your personal information Strictly protect the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. If you are on our privacy have any doubt, please email to fineart # (Please change # to @). We offer you a variety of ways to ensure that your personal information is accurate and timely. If you FINE ART register on the website, you can always access and edit your website submitted to FINE ART personal information, you can always remove your site to submit personal information to FINE ART. UP About Disclaimer The occurrence of the following related matters, FINE ART not assume any liability:
  1. FINE ART under the law or the relevant government asked to provide your personal information;   
  2. Because your user password to others or share with others registered account, the resulting leakage of any personal information, or other causes not arising FINE ART leakage of personal information;   
  3. Any third party under FINE ART the terms and conditions set out in the statement to use your personal information, which disputes arising;   
  4. Any as hacker attacks, computer viruses or government regulation caused the temporary site shut down;   
  5. Any consequences due to force majeure;   
  6. FINE ART in various terms and use listed in a declaration or exonerations. FINE ART will occasionally update this privacy statement. UP Related laws 《Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China》(excerpt)   《Trademark law of the People’s Republic of China》   《Decision on Maintaining Internet Security from the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress》   《Administration Measures for Security Protection of International Networking of Computer Information Network》   《Regulations for the Protection of Computer Software》

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