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TEKMAND series lighting console is a self-developed lighting control product of GUANGZHOU CHAIYI LIGHT CO., LTD.(Fineart), with independent intellectual property rights and many national invention patents. Thanks to its high stability and ease of use, TEKMAND has been well received by the market.

Founded in 2002 and located in NO.8 KexingRoad,Guangzhou Private Science and Technology Garden,TaiheTown,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,China., Guangzhou ChaiYi Light CO., Ltd, with an area of over 20000 square meters, is a high-tech enterprise integrating with R&D, production, sales and service for the stage lighting products.

With advanced technology, excellent quality, stable performance and high quality service, Fine Art’s products have obtained European CE standard and ISO9001. Fine Art has won many honors, such as Guangzhou famous trademark, Guangdong Independent Innovation Product, Double software (including Software copyright registration, Software testing, Software Product Certification, Software Enterprise Certification) certification enterprises, high-tech enterprise certification, Members Council of China Entertainment Technology Association, members of contract first credit” units,the Contract and Promise Keeping Unit, Prozac private in Baiyun District,etc.

At the same time, Fine Art’s lighting products are widely recognized in the market. For example, in 2008, Fine Art participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of Olympic Games on behalf of national brand. Fine Art could also be found in the large-scale music and dance epic “Revival Road” held at the Great Hall of People during the 60th anniversary organized by the Central Propaganda Department. What’s more, Fine Art has been participated in many other large-scales activities such as Zhang Yimou’s version “Turandot”, the Opening and Closing ceremony of the 11th National Games, Guangdong Province Tourism Festival, the Opening and Closing ceremony of Shanghai Expo, the Opening and Closing ceremony of 2010 Asian Games, National Day Ceremony of Turkmenistan, Independent Day Celebration of Israel. Fine Art’s excellent quality is highly praised by all walks of life, making it the best choice for all the theaters and large-scale performance.



The TEKMAND series of lighting consoles are designed for efficient, stable and easy control of lighting. Different sizes of TEKMAND consoles can be used for lighting control of all sizes and in all sizes.

The big size consoles:TEKMAND V,TEKMAND IV,TEKMAND III;Small size consoles:TEKMAND Mini,TEKMAND D;There is also a TEKMAND onPC lighting control solution for learning and even home environments,such as:TEKMAND onPC,TEKMAND Command Wing and TEKMAND Fader Wing。



The hardware of the Tekmand series consoles include features has high stability, high quality and high flexibility. For example, the Tekmand D has an ultra-highly integrated design that works well in high vibration environments.

Built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply, mute button with adjustable brightness, long-life electric fader, electric adjustable angle touch screen panel, USB connector, Gigabit switch, fingerprint recognition and other comfortable and safe configuration.



Window Interface: An illustrated interface makes it easy to use.

Internationalization: Multi-language operating systems (Chinese, English, French, Korean, etc.) can be switched in real time and take effect immediately; a variety of input method support, including diagrams, makes input so easy.

Multi-selective: The powerful multi-functional Tekmand operating system, the same target can be implemented in a variety of ways, there is always one for you.

Multi-user: Support multi-person synchronous parallel operation, and large systems can be completed efficiently.

Large capacity: A large number of interface views, features, presets, and functions to meet the high demands of programming.

Quick programming: remote fixture device configuration, as well as fast fixture positioning via live video.

Offline programming: Tekmand’s built-in 3D offline programming window allows pre-programming of the show in an off-site environment.

Lighting System

Scalability: The TEKMAND system can quickly expand more processing power through the DPU.

Backup: The TEKMAND system can support multi-controller device connection backup.

Security: Fingerprint recognition lock function to ensure data  security.

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