TEKMAND 3D, developed by Fine Art 2005, is a kind of off line programming software for stage light. It is the first independent research and development for off line programming in China. The user can make the following jobs available under any condition: lighting fixtures layout, scene setup, lighting design, lighting control and other stage effects, overwhelming the traditional design which needs the lighting designers to be on the spot. Adopting the advanced lighting rendering technology, TEKMAND 3D makes it possible that what you get is what you see, saving the clients the trouble of redesigning, installing, and debugging. With TEKMAND 3D, the designer can finish the stage layout in a very short time, from the idea of stage layout to installing fixtures. Controlling the lighting by the lighting TEKMAND 3D and TEKMAND console meets the needs of large scale events.TEKMAND 3D include in TEKMAND onPC.



  1. Multiple scene modules can imitate the real stages both home and abroad. The different stage dimensions enable the user to build up the stage scene conveniently (truss, scenery, performers personnel, audio, stage property and other equipments). New stage scene can be realized through 3DMax and Maya.
  2. Available functions: texture mapping,color changing , fast and efficient arrangement , stage up/down and rotation, truss adjustment, character model changing, etc.
  3. Stage can be viewed from different angles by the 360°visual window.
  4. After finishing design, 2D plan is available, which enables the working staff to install and debug.



  1. Every kind of fixture model is included. It also supports other manufacturers’ fixtures.
  2. Preset fixture character is included.  The following functions are available through fixture’s library: gobos, framing, brightness, colors, zoom in/out, strobe, focus, iris, prism, frost, etc.
  3. All datas about the site control and maintenance can be created by automatic match, like lighting plot, DMX Channels, Distribution table, statistical graph, which offers referent datas for  the site operation, saving time and cost.



  1. It can completely imitate the real stage rendering effects, such as Gobo revolution/rotation, framing, frost, iris, color, and so on.  The clear layout can bright a true stage to the user.
  2. The scene and lighting effect can be changed by changing the whole environment light. The beam can play colorful lighting effects based on the frost, gobo, frost, framing, iris, strobe and other function. 


  • Operation System:win7,win8,win10 or  higher
  • CPU:intel i5  8500 or higher
  • Memory:8Gb or higher
  • Graphics Card:GTX950 or higher
  • Hard Disk:10Gb free or higher

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