The TEKMAND series console is a powerful lighting console with stable performance, powerful functions and imported hardware configuration developed by GUANGZHOU CHAIYI LIGHT CO., LTD. Support RDM remote device management, support real-time switching between multiple languages (Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, French, etc.). Remote control operation can be performed by various handheld terminal devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), or remote command operation control can be realized by Telnet protocol. Support cross-platform (Linux, windows, etc.) distributed parallel computing. When multiple machines are connected, each device will share the calculation amount, not just in one device. Real-time hot backup is possible with multiple connected or single operations. The 2D layout map can control the entire lighting effect more intuitively and quickly. Support for pre-programming in offline mode, the live rendering effect can be displayed through the 3D simulation stage of the console, or connected to independent 3D software display.


Tekmand onPC brings the functionality of the TEKMAND lighting console to your PC. The free TEKMAND PC software provides a cost-effective and flexible kit solution that allows users to view and edit show files, and the new 3D features perfectly support offline pre-programming. By choosing the right notebook, desktop or tablet and adding hardware such as TEKMAND Command Wing and TEKMAND Fader Wing, users can create solutions designed specifically for their requirements and budget. TEKMAND PC is the ideal backup solution.

  • Support Windows and linux OS
  • Connect TEKMAND Command Wing and TEKMAND Fader Wing for expand DMX-512 output ports
  • TEKMAND onPC Software compatible the Remote device with TEKMAND series console
  • Join to TEKMAND system as backup


  • Operating System:Windows 、Linux
  • CPU:CPU dual-core 2.4GHz or higher
  • Memory:2GB or higher
  • Hard Disk:32GB free or higher
  • Graphics Card:512MB or higher

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