The TEKMAND D is a newly designed and smaller console with a simple interface, simple operation, light weight, and smart and portable. Integrated hardware design, multi-point capacitive touch screen and button two-way control interface, simple and convenient operation to achieve complex and diverse control, 2D layout map can more intuitively and quickly control the entire lighting effect programming entry and the final Playback, easy 3D lighting effects can be seen through the built-in analog stage module, support pre-programming in offline state, saving a lot of time and improving work efficiency. Can meet the use of a variety of small and medium-sized performances and activities.


  • Real-time control for up to 65536 parameters per session in connection with DPU(up to 256 universes)
  • Max up to 32 sessions
  • 4096 HTP/LTP parameters
  • 5 DMX  inputs/outputs
  • MIDI in/out
  • LTC/Smpte in
  • desklight connector
  • Sound in/out
  • 3 USB connectors
  • 1 Gigabit etherCON(10/100/1000M)
  • 3 internal capacitive touchscreens 10.1″
  • 18 executor faders,18 executor buttons
  • 2 A/B fader
  • 1 dimmer encoder
  • 4 attribute encoders
  • Individually backlit and dimmable slient keys
  • Multiple operating languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian…)
  • Multiple ime (Chinese, English, Korean, Scratch)
  • New design, easy to understand, graphic and appearance, more intuitive user interface
  • Multiple Consoles connective and backup
  • Support CITP protocol
  • Remote Controller for IOS/ANDROID OS
  • Stage window for offline pre-programming
  • Layout-multiple mode
  • Support protocols:Art-Net,sACN
  • Support multi-user operation and set user permissions
  • RDM-Remote Device Management
  • Media Player for play audio and video sync to timecode


  • Power supply:AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimension:773x456x218mm
  • Package: 1pc/ Flight case
  • Net weight:9.3KG
  • IP rate:IP20
  • Working temperature:-10~40º

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