TEKMAND RPS is a DMX recorder with wireless network control. It is mainly used for recording and playing DMX512 data. It can record any information based on DMX-512 protocol and store more than 100 hours of DMX data. It supports data reading and writing of DMX line, ArtNet, SD card and cloud, and can be connected in series across channels. It supports timed tasks, time code triggering, manual control, LAN console control and cloud control.

The product is light in design, full in compatibility, stable in performance and simple in operation. It is designed to replace the heavy and expensive light console that is permanently installed. It can also achieve wireless synchronization through cloud technology. Today, with the rapid development and continuous innovation of the entertainment and cultural tourism markets, it can calmly respond to the use needs of various occasions and provide more possibilities for them.


  • DMX 512 Outputs

  • DMX 512 Inputs

  • LTC Input

  • MIDI Input,MIDI Output

  • Power Over Ethernet(POE/802.3at)

  • Power Input

  • Power Switch

  • Internal 3.2” TouchScreen

  • USB connector

  • 15 LEDs indicate status

  • Double Work Mode:NODE & RPS

  • ArtNet Protocol Support

  • Record/Play 4 Universes DMX512 datas

  • Read/Write ShowFile from SD Card and Cloud

  • Remote Control from SIM Card

  • LTC,MIDI Timecode sync

  • Support LightConsole control RPS by fixturelibrary

  • Internal Schedule play Showfile

  • Support 12  data pipesDmx-ArtNet/SD/Cloud…

  • Support RDM


  • Power Supply:AC100-240V,50/60 Hz
  • Power Over Ethernet(POE/802.3at)
  • Product Dimension:482x155x63mm

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